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Sensor Networks ( SNs ) have grown to become one of the most promising and interesting fields over the past few years. Tiny sensor nodes with limited resources are randomly and densely deployed in many different environments. SN is designed to detect events or phenomena, and collect and return sensed data to the user. Hence, SNs have been used in many applications such as battlefield surveillance, traffic monitoring, healthcare, environment monitoring, etc.

Recently, Federated IP-USN Testbed member communities have been successfully working and helping together by collaboration of technical exchange and data sharing. Especially, sharing of sensed weather data in real-time among Asia nations will help a lot each other to protect national resources and people from many different types of disasters. Each member country / economy now can afford to manipulate SNs in various application fields, and demands of sharing sensor data are willingly increased.


SensNet WG encourages the collaboration of technical experiences and knowledge regarding SNs, and will develop a scalable, sustainable, and easy-to-deploy technical environment for utilizing collected sensing data among SNs deployed in each country.


  • Encourage SN deployment and federation
    • Exchange SN deployment cases, technical issues and experiences
    • Standardize SN description (access method/policy, specifications, protocols) and application interface (access method, query language) by utilizing external standards
  • Federate for sensing data utilization
    • Develop a federated framework to discovery any resources in heterogeneous SNs for supporting varieties of applications
    • Ensure the scalability of a federated framework that can handle over millions of sensor nodes for realizing low-cost federation

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