Identity & Access Management Working Group

Chair : Terry Smith [ t.smith AT ]
Co-Chair : Toby Chan [ toby.chan AT ]
Co-Chair : William Wan [ wanl AT ]
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The APAN Identity and Access Management Working Group provides members with the opportunity to discuss and participate in the following topics;

  • Identity Management which is responsible for the production and management of identity. It ensures that identity data is accurate, safe, controlled and appropriately available through technical and business services. It defines the digital identity life cycle and ensures that digital identity data reliably reflects the currents state of each identity holder’s relationship with the University / Organisation
  • Access management which develops and maintains the infrastructure that provides authentication and authorization services in access transactions. Access management occurs within and across the organizational boundary making use of the regional identity federation and globally via the eduGAIN service. Access management also encompasses authenticated connectivity to the network through the wireless roaming service eduroam and the user of other technologies such as PKI to securely access research services.
  • Software solutions to enable to delivery of Identity and Access management at the campus, the federation and globally.
  • Policy that provides the framework to empowers Identity and Access management to share users information that enables the collaborations that will thrive when not limited by barriers that occur in disjointed systems.

The working group is concerned about generating awareness and understanding about Identity and Access Management and is activity working to provide APAN members to develop and grow their IAM activities within their regions and to join to global federation such and eduroam and eduGAIN enabling researchers, academics and students to collaborate globally.

The Identity and Access Management groups works closely with REFEDS (the Research and Education FEDerations group).

Federation status by economic region.

Economic Region NREN eduroam dentity Federation eduGAIN
Afghanistan - No No No
Australia AARNet / AAF Production AAF Participant
Bangladesh - Under Development No No
Bhutan - Under Development No No
Cambodia - No No No
China Cernet Production CARSI Joining
Hong Kong - Production HKAF Participant
India - Production INFED Participant
Indonesia - Under Development No No
Japan - Production GakuNin Participant
Korea KAFE Production Korean Access Federation Participant
Laos - No No No
Malaysia - Under Development SIFULAN Participant
Mongolia - No No No
Myanmar - No No No
Nepal - Under Development No No
New Zealand - Production Tuakiri Member
Pakistan - Production PKIFED Participant
Philippines - Production No No
Singapore - Production SGAF Participant
Sri Lanka - Production No No
Thailand - Production No No
Vietnam - Under Development No No

Resources that are available to assists with deployment of Identity and Access management activities within your region.

Name Description
REFEDS he Research and Education FEDerations group is the voice that articulates the mutual needs of research and education identity federations worldwide.
eduroam edurom home page
eduGAIN The eduGAIN interfederation service connects identity federations around the world, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community.
  APAN 25
  • Taking Care of Our Core Business: Managing Community Collaboration
  • AAI Federations in Europe
  • CARSI: Federated Identity and Resource Sharing over CERNET
  • Community SSL/TLS Server Certificates
  APAN 24
  APAN 23
  APAN 22
  APAN 21

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2019 Mar 05