HDTV Working Group

Chair : Jongwon Kim [ jongwon AT kjist.ac.kr ]
Co-Chair : Andrew Howard [ andrew.howard AT anu.edu.au ]
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hdtv AT apan.net


Welcome to APAN HDTV WG. This HDTV WG is formed to provide APAN members with an opportunity to discuss the latest development around the network-based delivery of HD (high-definition) video technology. Aiming to provide immersive experience to end users with HD quality video, lots of efforts are now taking place to enable HD video contents over high-speed research networks. By connecting these efforts together, we are going to achieve the following goals.


  • Collaborate on the development of HDTV delivery technology over regional and international R&D networks ( Initial focus will be on the HDV over IP project )
  • Construct the HDTV-enabled advanced media distribution infrastructure by deploying the developed HDTV toolkit
  • Share and promote the distribution of HDTV contents over the media distribution infrastructure
  • Assist application and user communities to enable HDTV-supported collaboration


  1. HDV over IP Project (MPEG-2 Compressed MP@HL 19.2Mbps by MPEG-2 TS over RTP/UDP/IP)
    • Using HDV Camcoders from companies like JVC
    • Software vs. Hardware-assisted (low-cost) decoders
    • Multicast-based HDV distribution infrastructure (linking senders and receivers)
  2. HDCAM Compressed (220 Mbps) & Uncompressed (1.5Gbps) HDTV over IP
    • Collaboration with UW Research Channel Consortium

Reference :

Appendix A: (Draft) Lists of High Definition Video over IP

  • HDV over IP works (using JVC HDV Camcoder @amp; 19.2Mbps MPEG-2 1280x720x30Progressive)
    1. ROBST4 - Hiroshima University (Linux-based light-weight sender and receiver with HD decoders, support FEC, compatible with VLC)
    2. USC IMSC (Linux-based sender/receiver, receiver in both H/W and S/W)
    3. Videolan VLS modifications for HDV support and VLC as client - K-JIST (linux-only sender)
    4. HDVTS - Windows version HDV sender/receiver - KAIST
    5. CRL implementation (Ryuu?) demonstrated @ APAN Hawaii meeting
    6. Univ of Tokyo implementation demonstrated @ SC 2003 (? only support 1394 stream transfer, decoding is done by extra hardware)
  • 1920x1080i HDTV standard version over IP
    Partial list includes :
    1. ResearchChannel (videolan related)
    2. HDTV over IP - ETRI (VOD version, sender and receiver in software)
  • HDCAM 220Mbps range
    1. ResearchChannel
  • Uncompressed HD over IP (1.5 Gbps or 700-800 Mbps)
    1. UltraGrid project by USC ISI
    2. ResearchChannel

* The WG Charter was drafted in 2004.3 and was minorly updated on 2004.10

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2018 Sep 20