Asia Pacific Research Platform Working Group

Chair : Jeonghoon Moon, KISTI, Korea
Co-Chair : Andrew Howard, NCI, Australia
Secretary : Asif Khan, Perdana Univ., Malaysia
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Asia-Pacific Research Platform (APRP) is a partnership among Asian countries in APAN through the ScienceDMZ. It will be promoted mainly in Asian countries with the aim of building a Research Platform based on ScienceDMZ in the Asia Pacific region. By linking with ScienceDMZ/DTN based HPC through interoperability with US PRP (Pacific Research Platform) Project. It will activate application research and practical application of data-intensive science big data based on Asian countries and enhance IT technology and infrastructure.


A number of APAN members have started deploying ScienceDMZ's based on the utilization of Data Transfer nodes. The goal is to share our experience with the members and to propose the establishment of a APRP which will be part of the GRP (Global Research Platform). The need for an APRP was set in the context for the communication requirements for an ASEAN level shared Supercomputer.


  1. Promote HPC ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific.
  2. Engage APAN members and ASEAN countries .
  3. Towards the setting up an Asia Pacific Research Platform (APRP) and become a part of a Global Research Platform.

Recent Activity

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2019 Mar 05