Identity and Access Management Task Force

Chair : Terry Smith (AAF) [ t.smith AT ]
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The Identity and Access Management (IAM) Working Group established this taskforce to tackle Federation Deployment in the Asia Pacific Region. The draft outline is provided below. All interested parties, individuals or organisations are invited to participate and can subscribe to the mailing list below. It is expected that the Task Force will establish a clearer set of objectives and outcomes over time and all input is welcomed.


Support the development and establishment of research and education identity federations and federated services in the Asia Pacific region.


The goals of the Task Force are currently to:

  • Develop and establish national identity federation services within participating economies in the Asia Pacific region
  • Enable the participating economies national identity federation services to join eduGAIN
  • Enable participating economies to deploy eduroam

It is expected that these goals, and the membership of the Task Force, will also evolve over time.

Recent Activity

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2019 Mar 05