Open and Sharing Data Working Group (OSDWG)

Chair : Veerachai Tanpipat [veerachai AT]
Co-Chair : Basuki Suhardiman [basuki AT]
Co-Chair : Markus Buchhorn [markus AT]
Co-Chair : Eric Yen [Eric.Yen AT]
Co-Chair : J. Adinarayana [adi AT]
Co-Chair : Kiura Takuji [kiura.naro AT]
Mailing List:


With the fundamental problems of open data and data sharing which are huge handle to many researchers and research communities, it is therefore in need of bringing those issues on the table for APAN community to discuss and find out possible solutions together. In this working group, good practices will be shared, obstacles and standards will be presented and discussed toward feasible suggestions and solutions. Of course, those issues are not easy to solve, but toward sustainable development, climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience, we need to over come those and find a common ground together to open as possible and to close as necessary.


1.To identify obstacles in open and sharing data
2.To discuss ways to overcome obstacles in open and sharing data
3.To provide knowledge of and data sharing platform including good data management and stewardship
4.To promote the FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability) DATA Principles
5.To Help making data policy/rules in each organization/institute or national level.
6.To help finding data
7.To help accessing data, if data is not opened (sharing data)


1.Invite new members
2.Discussion using WG Mailing List, Video Meeting
3.Have sessions and summarize WG Activities in each APAN Meeting
4.Sharing activities, platforms, and best practices from across Asia Pacific, across disciplines (need a hub website?)
5.Collaborate with APAN WGs
6.Collaborate with National/International Academic Societies.
7.Collaborate with W3C Web of Things WG/IG
8.Collaborate with Research Data Alliance and their members (ANDS/ARDC, US, EU…)
9.Make a list or catalog of freely data that can be accessed and create Data Catalog

Proposals in APAN52 Indonesia

1.A full or half day of open and sharing data workshop, and plenary/keynote speakers
2.Workshop Title: Open and Sharing Data Experiences Exchange
3.Proposed by OADWG
4.Workshop chair and co-chairs:
5.Past mistakes learning
6.Keynote speakers: (Basuki try to invite UNESCO guy, Eric will talk with people at ISGC2021, Markus will talk with RDA/ARDC)
7.Open Science - Eric
8.ASEAN Hydro-Informatics and Data Center

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2021 Mar 02