Principal Objects of APAN Ltd.

Version 2.02 dated 9th March 2010

The objects for which the Association is established are:

  1. To co-ordinate and promote network technology developments and advances in network-
    based applications and services across the Asia-Pacific region that will:
    • lead to significant improvements in educational outcomes by providing the foundation
      for a knowledge-based economy;
    • allow educators and students to share knowledge and to discover and learn remotely;
    • enhance the ability of all member economies to participate in global collaborative
      innovation through unprecedented access to digital resources, instrumentation and
      expertise for education, research and societal benefit;
    • provide access to scarce or expensive educational and research resources around the
      Asia Pacific region and across the globe;
    • lead to the saving and improvement of lives and property as a result of implementing
      advanced communications that support the well-being of the populations; and
    • catalyse and stimulate the information economy by demonstrating new network enabled
      services, by acting as an incubator for technology transfer to industry, and as a
      springboard for innovation.
  2. To provide a forum for user communities to come together with network engineers to help
    promote and exploit opportunities to enhance research and education in disciplines that are
    relevant to the member economies.
  3. To hold meetings, workshops and conferences relating to network technology, the
    development of advanced communication services, and the exploitation of these, resulting in
    compelling new applications.
  4. To arrange and organize education and training workshops, and to operate a fellowship
    programme to support and develop the next generation of network engineers and network
    leaders in the Asia Pacific region.
  5. To work closely with relevant organizations, institutions, groups and individuals around the
    world to further enhance the adoption of and research into advanced network applications and
  6. Together with peer organizations in North and South America, Europe and Africa, coordinate
    the building of global infrastructure that will transform the way that education and research is
    undertaken, leading to improvements in societal benefit.
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2014 Sep 02